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Linky This is clever as heck and only costs $7 I have been carbonating stuff for a while using a CO2 tank.

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carbonator in action

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carbonator: raspberry juice

I tried this with strawberries and it did not come out very well. Decided to try it with raspberries. Used a full 10 oz pack, blended with a bit of water, strained out the chunks, 1/2 cup of sugar, filled the 2 liter about 3/4 full with water, and carbonated it. Still not strong enough […]

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carbonator: grape kool aid

Oh green dooks, how I missed you. Only thing I do not like about grape soda / kool aid is the salty flavor. Since there is no protein in there it does not hold the foam, but the bubbles make it awesome.

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Carbonator: fizzy lemon water

I am not a huge fan of plain water, but carbonated water with some lemon juice in it rules. I am on my 4th bottle now. No sugar, just water and squirt lemon juice for a bit of flavor. This is the best use of the carbonator so far. Sure the other stuff was fun, […]

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carbonator: Jager

Some friends came over Friday eve and we enjoyed drunken wii boxing, drunken pinball, and drunken carbonated Jager shots. Jager has a lot of sugar in it so I got the foamy goodness when I released the carbonator. Had to let the bubbles settle before I completely released all the pressure. Carbonated jager is darn […]

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Carbonator: fizzy fruit salad

There was going to be some orange in there, but our orange was lame. I bet the canned mandarin oranges work better. Theresa took this into her work party. She said the grapes were the best, pinapple good, and apples did not take on much fizz. EDIT: did another for my fams TG The fruit […]

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Carbonator: Jello

So I guess back in the day you could buy a special sparkling jello that you made with club soda. It would make bubbles get trapped in the jello making it look like it was sparkling. It lost the carbonation though. Well that simply would not do. Mixed it up, force carbonated it and put […]

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