Carbonator: Jello


So I guess back in the day you could buy a special sparkling jello that you made with club soda. It would make bubbles get trapped in the jello making it look like it was sparkling. It lost the carbonation though. Well that simply would not do. Mixed it up, force carbonated it and put it in the fridge overnight. Getting it out of the bottle was strange. When the lid was cracked it expanded and then shrunk back down. You could hear it crackling. I cut it out with some scissors and scooped it onto the plate.

It was really fizzy and the tart CO2 taste was really there. Made it a bunch of fun. A great treat for the kiddies I bet. Theresa likes to make the mixed with whipped cream fluff jello. We put a bit or table cream in the smaller bottle, but it did not hold in the CO2 very well and fell apart. It does not last for too long, which is a bummer.



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