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tomato cream pasta with blackened chicken


From the Pioneer Woman Cooks comes the inspiration for this dish. Actually she is why I started doing these pic filled food posts.

We replaced the shrimp for blackened chicken. No wine, onions, or chix broth. It came out a bit thick. I boiled down the sauce a bit too much, and freaked and added about 1/2 tbls of flour. Thing is it ruled and can be adapted easily. Imagine putting it in bowls and baking it with some cheese.

So to keep the chicken pretty bare and light, yet still pack a punch I blackened it a bit. Smash the breasts even, iron skillet up med high. Chix breasts sprinkled with paprika, kosher salt, pepper, cayenne, a touch of garlic, and a dash of misty’s seasoning. I just have a shaker with this pre mixed for just such a thing. No oil needed. The cast iron does it all. Must have some ventilation. Burning cayenne will choke ya good.



Boiled some penne


some parsley


the basil we grow. Purple basil is stronger than normal, and some citrus basil.


some fresh garlic


1 tblsp of butter and 1 tblsp of olive oil


brown up the garlic


8 oz of tomato sauce


1 cup of cream




diced up blackened chix


the basil and parsley. Basil is very fragile. Adding it right at the end will help it hold its flavor.



Really good. We know how to tweak it now. It will be even better next time. Maybe a ground sausage would work well. Just nice to try something new and have it turn out so well.

Oh and just for the heck of it I tried to make the pic all pretty. Added some more chicken on top and parsley sprig. We have been perfecting our garlic bread. I like mozz cheese and Theresa likes the parm.

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