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Zobert down


Rough couple weeks. She has ruptured her CCL (sort of an ACL for humans) in her driver side rear leg.

We have no clue how it happened, but after a molar extraction and X rays today it is confirmed. Local dog doc can do a procedure, but she has been tri pawed-ing for a couple weeks.
I so wanted a tri pawed dog, but not like this. Maybe a train would of been OK? The surgery is not cheap, but we will do the surgery so she can continue to have mobility. If it was a front leg we could see what happens, but dogs need back legs. She has adjusted well, but it is obvious how much it hurts and the effort involved is painful to watch. Outside is 3 steps where she fails often trying to get up.

It has been pretty rough and she has sort of given up and just lays around now. Poor pupper so needs to chase Thunky the cat and can hardly.

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  • christi · 04/05/2016 at 5:56 AM

    one of our basset hounds had the same injury – we don’t know when his happened either. We waited it out a few weeks and kept him on baby aspirin and another med from our vet (Green Acres Wahoo). He is fine now but it was MISERABLE at the time

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