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zeeee best bacon cheeseburger in Lincoln? Darn close. Parkway lanes

parkway lanes burger

Just look at that crisp bacon hanging off that sucka 🙂

Ground Zero called it the best burger in lincoln, and I have heard it from others for years. Tonight was my first, and definitely not my last.

Hand made burgers from decent meat. Not too big, not too seasoned, just pure flat grill cooked meat. Juicy as hell, bun lightly toasted, bacon crisp, it was pure heaven.

Some places think they have to make monster burgers, or dress them up in tons of stuff. NO, a good burger is a good burger. This reminded me of Stauffers Cafe back in the good ol day.

Theresa said “I was able to eat the whole thing and can’t complain a bit” Exactly.

Oh, and as far as onion rings go, Runza aint got shit on these mothers. I heard “panko” thrown around a few times. Heck I even got them (very anti onion, but you fry them I will try), they fricking ruled.

I hope to never find the best BCB or beer, cuz it would ruin the thrill of trying to find something better. But for now parkway is the bomb.

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