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Yo Frankie here is some current pics of my 65 pound bitch


She is 1 + years old and still very puppy-ish. Largest dog I have ever had. She can stretch a good 5 feet high to get stuff. Counters, sink, and the pinball machines are hardly safe. You can pert near slow dnce with her on your shoulders.

She looks kinda mean being all rotweiller looking, but she is a uber sweetheart. We had some issues and got her some severe training. It was mostly her being so young and big that caused all the problems. She is an angel now. Not the most cuddly dog yet, but we are working on it.

Miss Francis asked how Fuggles was since I usually only post her puppy pics. She is in her awkward teen years and well looks like a freak. But Fuggles is an uber trail doggy and a great addition to our family.

She loves to be outside. She spends the whole day looking pittiful looking out the windows. Every time I pull a bike out the front door she gets so cited. It crushes her when I ride without her.
On the trail she is at home, she rules as a bike buddy.

She has been a bit picky about her food lately. It will take her most of the night to eat her dinner. She will grab one piece of food and play with it like a puppy would. It is a bunch of fun to watch her. (piece of “play” food in the pic below.

Hariest bitch ever though. She gets brushed often, but her hair is everywhere. I really like short hair sporting dogs, but will put up with her for a long time to come.

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