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xmas meal


Theresa’s family wanted the peppercorn steaks for dinner this year so we headed to Sams to get a beef tenderloin PSMO select grade. I am getting really good at cutting these up.


ended up with a nice side roast and a huge tenderloin which I tucked the little ends under and secured with toothpicks.

The scooby snack (chain meat) was cut up later for a rocking cheesesteak and hot roast beef sammiches.


Added a light coating of coarsely cracked pepper. Seemed like a lot of pepper, but it was a lot of meat so I figured I was OK.


Seared the sides and let it rest for the trip over to the in-laws house to finish off the oven part there. I doubled up the sauce and lots of the pepper bits were stuck in the pan. I did not taste it, but it looked nummy.

Oh man did the pepper burn. There was so much pepper on that log of meat. It was spicy. The sauce was really peppery too. Folks ate it, but looked for the jello salad to ease the burn.

Theresa made some pumpkin and tried a new peanut butter pie.



She got the recipe from here for the PB pie
The fudge layer was a solid chunk and a bit thicker than planned. The whipped PB fluff was awesome. For my parents dinner she eliminated the fudge layer and used an oreo crust.


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