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XFX has a good graphics card warranty and a week with a macbook air

I think I might have mentioned this, but the vid card on my work PC gave me troubles for a month till I figured out it was the graphics card. XFX has an awesome warranty and are going to replace it. I do not even need a receipt, but found it after a frantic search. During that time I have been using a macbook air and really like the little sucka.

The multi touch is just amazing. So easy to use once you get used to it. I hooked up a 19 inch LCD and it split the screen for me and I was good to go. I really have not done too much stuff with it other than work, but am getting pretty used to it. Being able to use linux commands in a terminal makes work easy.

My main gripe is the one USB port. It is really annoying. Right now it has an ethernet adapter in there and I cannot plug in a mouse. For $50 that ethernet dongle should have a few USB ports on it. If I was using this at home I would prob be bummed about the no disk drive thing too. It is their lowest end model and at 1.6ghz I have really not noticed it being too slow. It has 2gb of RAM and I usually have lots of programs going and it trucks along fine.

Oh yeah the thing is so fricking thin and small it seems impossible.
I still laugh when looking at the thing. ULTRA PORTABLE to the MAX

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