X-13D doritos are not nummy

X-13D doritos are strange. Apparently you are supposed to name them. I was curious and had no chips at home and I was gonna make a grilled cheese, picked some up. T got a pretty good giggle from the face I made, then laughed harder when I ate another. It is strange. I would say it was lightly cheesy and has some dill in it. Till I googled I guessed it to be horses ass.

Actually, my boyfriend and I recenty got a bag and we both decided that it was hot dog! I think this is because we thought they tasted overwhelmingly of ketchup and mustard, with a little meat flavor mixed in. Hot dogs are an all-american classic, and they are made on a bbq grill, so that was our guess.

After reading that I completely agree. I am sure you are gonna run out and try some cuz hotdog doritos sound so nummy right? And horse ass is what hot dogs are made from anyways right?

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