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wymore ride by Shawn

wymore ride from Shawn Doné on Vimeo.

My father in law invited me to join him on a trip down the homestead trail to wymore, ne last monday. I had really only taken it as far as cortland a few times so I was up for some new scenery. It basically lays out as this: white rock from wilderness to cortland, moderate bushwhacking from cortland to pickrell, white rock from pickrell to beatrice and then major bushwhacking from there to wymore. The last leg was pretty thick but you could feel the old railway under the tires once in a while. It almost seems as if someone didn’t want us there with multiple concrete barriers along the way the last leg. Lifting the BOB trailer with the bike wasn’t the easiest but we managed. We soon realized during the trip that the nice/easy white rock trails got pretty boring and the undeveloped trails were where the fun was at. In a way, I’m almost not looking forward to them finishing the entire trail whenever that day may come.
Definitely a good way to spend a day or two riding and seeing the country side.
was expecting to hit the shower at the local pool but I guess it closes before labor day so I had to do the next best thing.
Shot some footage along the way with a super compact HD 720p mini flip. I will have to work on some ways to stabilize it on the ride.
Link to vid in hd


You make awesome videos Shawn. Hope to ride with you soon.

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