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Wow you forkers like this stupid arse website or something

(Misspelleded for a reason)

So I updated my forum huge like and lost my stat counting since then that I have used since I got the forum going over a year ago. Daily pageloads were around 8,000+. To my surprise I have gotten mad hits on my main domain. Seriously WTF? I talk about poop, upload dumb ass pictures, and upload vids from reddit and digg. Oh and you get to see myself slowly kill myself with food posts. You forkers are sick. 😉 I shall kick it up many notches.

K so what I learned from my adventures from my statcounter I use most that was so overrun by forum traffic which told me hardly anything about the traffic to my main site. Google hits are funny to look at. I am betting it comes from the traffic the forum makes though. I can post about something and it will be on the front page of google in a day. Seriously WTF?

google most googled. For some reason I am #3 WTF?

samsung t220hd wall mount , not bad, but I did that one on purpose to spread the word.

Rocket sled going about 650MPH 2nd hit. This was on reddit, digg, WTF?

bright and early frozen juice 5th result and that sheeeet is delicious

Cat butt

cat butt

Almost pr0n of course 😉

lcd tv for slingbox not too sure on that one. Was a post asking for help.

This beauty of course

julia roberts raptor

this one is my fave
store bought steak fingers yup #1
I ended up throwing them away.

Just gotta say thanks so much visitors. I have no clue why you visit, but I will dance like a drunk monkey for ya. Swears.

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