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wow I can sunburn


Thanks to you posters do an amazingly awesome posting frenzy. Loving it.

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So we spent the day out. We took the free shuttle from our palace to Playa Del Carmen. It is a crazy pretty cool street with lots of people who want you to buy something.

We are staying at a Palace resort, and they have them all over the area. We did the Playa thing and walked along the beach. Then we headed to the placar palace. It so looked like Miami Vice. Might of been the supermodel with the old fat guy. We enjoyed water, tequila, and some dos XX. It was right on the beach so we got the salt water fix done. Aventura Palace (where we are) slays all others. Ours is10 X bigger than the other two we visited. It is far south, an hour from the airport and in the middle of a jungle.

So it is all inclusive and all resorts are free game. So we are talking call any tequila for a shot and they just give it to ya. We have 4 bottles of liquor with dispensers in the room. Swim up pools, bars everywhere. One will never go thirsty.

The place is huge, but only 20 – 30% full.
We took the ferry to Cozumel and visited the Cozumel Palace, where we had lunch and swam some. The ferries were cool. Drinks and live bands on the upper deck.

What really sucks is my bottom has not bottom has not been happy, since the morning we left. The resort has clean everything including the tap water, it has nothing to do with Mexico, and I think it is passing. I think I might be pink on the inside since I have ingested so much pepto.

All the tourist towns are very high pressure. Just like the fair with carnies trying to get your attention. They all have purified ice and cold Sol.

Two days in and we have accomplished much. Saw a cool fire show tonight. Lots of fire jugglers and fun games. The whole place is a total party on the south side. The language thing is strange. Even the simple stuff I cannot catch cuz they speak so fast. “Habla espanol or ingles” is how it all starts. Then “where you from?”, then all downhill from there.

Found a really cool bartender who talked with us a bunch. He said do not buy tequila here, go to wallmart (they had one), it is 1/2 the price. Strange eh?

Oh and when we say Nebraska they have no clue. They say “next to canadia?”
“is it cold there?” (cuz they think we are near Canada), o yeah we are frozen aboot six moonths out of the year. It sure is cold you betcha, ice and snow.

We are only two days in and got it down. We can navigate the 20 + acres pretty good. They have a shuttle that runs between lobbies, but we just hoof it and know the short cuts. Lots coming up to do, and some just chill time.

Both a little red from walking the towns in the sun. Lots of goop in our future.

We had a great 4th anniversary. Thanks so much to our friends Kit and Amy, Theresa’s parents, and Especially Scott who are taking care of our crib and puppies.

My internet connection is spotty and well not spending much time caring about much.

Thanks 😉

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