windows go in tomorrow


We are pretty darn excited to replace the 105 year old windows in our house. We are replacing all 11 upstairs windows. We went through lowe’s and Kleener Restorations is our contractor. The dark picture above is where a part of the counter was removable because we knew we would be replacing that window at some later time. The cubby hole fit our toaster oven and microwave great. I had it held in place with some caulk. I figured that would make it easy to remove. It did not come out as easy as I had hoped, but I fixed up what got damaged and it is ready to go back in. Kleener will build a frame so the window no longer goes below the counter.

They are hoping to be done Tuesday, but have scheduled Wednesday as well. We are going to live in the basement while they are working. Keeping the livestock happy and kept down there is going to be interesting.

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