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Will of Frerich’s Tree Service amazes once again



Mike of Curio Collective had some tree damage and inquired on SCS about hiring a tree service to clear a downed branch. I highly suggested Will of Ferich’s Tree Service who is a friend and helped me down a tree about a decade ago. Mike was pleased with the work and I called Will to inquire about tilling some areas. We decided very early On Monday to get it done.

I was looking to get both sides of the garage and one area behind tilled. The west side of the garage was a dog kennel that once was a garden, and had now become a forest of weeds and volunteer trees for years. The east side was a pit full of tires, leavings of a spray booth, and lots of concrete blocks. Earlier this year we worked on clearing both sides which took a couple weekends and wore us out. We wanted to till, but never got around to it. After scheduling with will I tore out the chain link gate of the kennel side and cleared a bit more.

Will pulled up with a stump grinder and we got to work at 7:30 I have worked with will in the past so I was assisting all I could. I never knew how insane a stump grinder was. It chewed through pretty much anything with ease. That old stump was ground to bits, the lilac bushes cut like butter, and the dirt was ground into a fine powder. Using a stump grinder as a tiller was severe overkill, but the results were amazing and All the stumps are gone.

If you ever need tree service give Will a call.

Frerich’s Tree Service
Phone 1 (402) 476-0499

Frerichs Tree Service offers a wide array of home improvement services, including: Year round tree and hedge trimming and removal, gutter cleaning, fall leaf cleaning and removal, snow removal, etc.

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