wii are having fun with the wii

So the soreness in the arms is getting much better. We have to take the games we rented back tonight, but we gonna get two more. The pic above is from rayman’s raving rabbids which was a bunch of fun. It is 70 mini games that all use the wii remote and nunchuck in ways that show off the motion control. But the best part is you are kicking the crap out of evil bunnies in some strange ways.

So in the beginning we were swinging our remotes with tons of force, wearing ourselves out. Theresa figured out that it is all about finesse. She can hit home runs while sitting on the couch with her feet up. I am learning her gentle ways as well. It is so cute to see her play games. She gets all into it and gets all sad when she does not do well. Cool thing is that we have spent a bunch of time together and doing something we both enjoy. Tanks wii.

these are vids that you can unlock during game play.

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