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who you calling a thingamajig?

For the first time evar, I have been given a candy product to review. Since I was a small child I dreamed of a day where people would use my amazing tasting skills to give an opinion on candy they gave me. My mom would always say it is good to have dreams, but I should not expect it to ever happen. Who is the cottenheadedninnymuggins now mom? When the candy was given to me I was confused. I was unsure how to react. My dream of free candy had seemed unobtainable for over three decades. I reached for my folding money to offer, but was told my monies were no good there. Well, except if I wanted to buy condoms, beer, or a Jimmy Dean brekkie sammich. My eyes started to moisturize and I tried to contain my glee. After leaving the store I grasped the thingamajig with extended hands and spun it around as if I was in a field of posies on a sunny spring day. The Boyd’s coffee guy looked at me like I was unhinged, but I did not care, for I had a free candy bar.

It is cocoa crispies with a schmear of peanut butter coated in chocolate and was nummers. Thanks giver of candy, you complete me 😛

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