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whatcha been up to BorK?


Well I finally did a cap kit on Super Mario Bros. Still not 100%…. cuz I need to mess with some stuff, but at least it is playable.


Eating food and stuff. Picked up a package of bone in chicken breasts and roasted this sucker on the grill. It was darn fine. We roast chickens often, but when eating we hardly finish one breast between us and need to find other uses for the leavings. Often it ends up as dog soup bits. A single roasted breast is nice.


I replaced my 10 year old mattress with a fancy zenhaven mattresses. Fuggles liked it almost as much as I do. It is like sleeping on bunny rabbits that hug you. BTW I have a nice Denver mattress queen size that is slightly firm and has only been sexed on maybe 4 times to give away if you like.


Finally there seems to be a market for our fuse beads. We love making them and if we can make a few bucks off them…. might as well. Details to come later.

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