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what a hoot, letters to the editor

apparently only FOX news tells the truth and homosexuality is: “unhealthy sexual behavior”

gotta love living in a red state.

my favorite comment

“Wayne Simpson calls POX News “fair & balanced”. That’s like calling Pete Ricketts “poor & hairy”.

letters to editor

Letters, 10/18: Cartoonist owes apology

Neal Obermeyer’s cartoon on Oct. 12 was reprehensible.

City Councilwoman Robin Eschliman and County Commissioner Bob Workman do not want keno dollars used to support an organization that encourages unhealthy sexual behavior. Obermeyer somehow twists this into an accusation that they want teenagers to commit suicide?

Apparently, Obermeyer has no idea how to respond to their position, so he must use a disgusting, dishonest, ad hominem attack.

Obermeyer owes them an apology for lying about their character, and the rest of us an apology for lying about the facts.

Jeffrey J. Springer, Lincoln

Celebrating Fox’s 10th

Congratulations on the commentary (LJS, Oct. 8) regarding the 10th year anniversary of the Fox News channel. The heading stated, “strikes a chord with red state Americans.” That is true, as far as it goes. It should strike a chord with all Americans because it is the first major television news outlet that is truly “fair and balanced.”

There is a mountain of evidence that exposes the liberal bias of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc., over the past 40 years. Then Fox came along and it appears they are conservative. In truth it is right of the major media, but that is so because the major media is to the left (liberal).

Fox is now ahead in viewer ratings over all other so-called cable news, including CNN. That is with no thanks to the local coverage. For example, there was an outstanding program on Fox News commemorating the 10-year anniversary. But was there notice of such in the Journal Star TV Week? Not a whimper!

And you can get CNN, etc., on the limited basic tier (channel 22) but you have to pay extra to get the Fox News channel (channel 71) when it comes to Time Warner cable in the Lincoln market. Hence, only a privileged few can get access to Fox in this market.

Wayne Simpson, Lincoln

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