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what a fun weekend with Zoey

So sat we picked up Zoey from Hearts United for Animals no kill shelter near Auburn NE. HUA is pretty darn cool. The complex was huge and all sorts of dogs are there. They specialize in rescuing from puppy mills and other pounds. They have placed animals in 45 states and Canada. They want to make sure the animals are placed in good homes so the application process is very in depth and it includes a visit to your house to make sure the animals will be in a good home. Friday night we had our visit and it went well.

Sat morning we made the foggy drive and had a good amount of ones we wanted to visit. We headed forst to see Victorias‘s secrets, Jammies, Nighty, and P.J. We were thinking Jammies before we got there, but it was Nighty who melted Theresa’s heart. Theresa tried to play it cool and look at the other dogs we had in mind, but I could tell we had found the one. Nighty (now Zoey) was the runt and had smaller feet than her brothers. Filled out the paperwork and home we headed.

She was a bit stinky and we had the windows down a bit on the ride home. We have done introductions before so we knew what to do. Kitty was first and I have never seen him poof up that much. His tail looked like a raccoon. After a few minutes Thunky sat and stared then walked away.


We put Zoey in her kennel and into my bedroom and then let Fuggles come in the house and sniff around. After a few minutes we pulled the kennel out and let Fuggles sniff, then Theresa held Zoey and we let Fuggles sniff. It was a bit tense for a while. Finally we let them deal with each other and this was what happened.

Introductions made we needed to give her a bath. Small enough to fit in the sink.



She runs all silly and when she was shaking off the water her tail flopped around like a didlo. Cute

She seems to be getting the whole poo and pee outside thing, but when Theresa let her have the house unsupervised while she showered Zoey dropped a dook on a pile of wires under the computer desk. ewwwwww

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