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what a craptacular weekend

Theresa was very sick Thursday and friday, by Saturday things were looking better and we looked forward to having a lazy weekend. The animals were a bit stressed because mama was in bed for two days straight and there was some tension in the air. I made some chicken soup, we watched a movie and played some wii. Fuggles was sleeping on the couch and Zobert startled Fuggles and they got into it pretty good. We separated them and I noticed Fuggles was bleeding on her eye. Her lower eyelid was torn and bleeding pretty good.

We rushed to the emergency Vet to see if anything could be done. She got some stitches and a cone. They let us pick her up right after she woke up from the anesthesia and she was groggy as heck. To avoid issues we decided to keep the dogs in separate rooms to sleep. I got the couch and Fuggles and not much sleep was had Sat night.

Fuggles eye was really bad this morning and her being in a cone was causing her to really freak out. She got it caught on all sorts of stuff including the stairs when coming in from outside. We took turns taking naps and overseeing the pups. Theresa went out to see she could find a better cone. She found one that is shorter and a bit padded. We just do not want her to scratch her eye right now. By evening her eye was looking a lot better. While switching out cones there was a bit of tension between the dogs again, but it was part my fault. They are still buddies though. We are going to work on some training and not allow the rough play anymore. lame

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