wetshaving, me likey

So As most men I shave on a daily basis cept weekends. How about making it fun and not a chore? How about getting a shave so fricking awesome that you cannot use your face to scratch your arm? How about a shave so good that it lasts all day and is kinda fun to do?

I saw these vids about 4 months ago and got into it. The basics of shaving were actually new to me. It should take at least three passes to get your shave on. I have yet to get a uber badger hair brush, but I am using porasso products and have had amazing success.

I have yet to move to a safety razor or straight blade, but a decent dual or triple blade disposable razor gives me superior results.

Yeah it is just shaving, but gosh darn it why not pamper yourself and get a really good shave on?

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 1: Concepts

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 2: Lathering

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 3: Shaving

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