well time to redo my main PC again

I have a 10,000 RPM 74gb raptor drive. Currently only 20 gb is for ubuntu and the rest is XP. Well that is about to change.

Purdy fun day of installing. So I have my ubuntunas box kicking with a 600gb network share. This made it easy to transfer stuff over to rebuild my main rig.

Split the raptor into 35gb sections, installed XP, forgot I had an audigy soundcard in htere and tried to get audio for a good 1/2 hour, then installed ubuntu, then vmware, and XP once again in a virtual machine. Pimped ubuntu and both the XP machines and am good to go.

fun fun and now I have enough room to run a VM in ubuntu. My days of booting into windows are getting fewer and further between.

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