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well that was fast, new camera


Fuggles agrees, the new camera is cool. I sacrificed the iphone money I have saved to get a new digicam. There are lots of reasons I did that. Might as well wait for the new 3G iphone if it ever comes out, my current phone can still allow me to communicate, and I will eat food and if I don’t take pictures of it what would I or you kind viewers do? :p

I am a conon whore so I knew I would get a canon. My friend had gotten the SD1000 and I really liked it. Canon came out with a new model that is essentially the SD1000, but a bit cooler. I got the SD750 and it is your usual point and shoot basic digicam. I am not ready to get an uber cool camera yet since I am pic crazy and heck the simple one meets my needs. Plus I would just break a cool one anyways.

The 3 inch LCD on the back is beautiful. Not just cuz I have rarely experienced a LCD since I crack them constantly, but cuz it takes up 80% of the rear of the camera (no viewfinder, but I never used it anyway). Also a very cool thing is that canon has added layers of stuff over the LCD to make it work well in bright light. This means there is a plastic piece of the body over the LCD which is a few layers down. I think it just might survive being owned by me.

It is a bit bigger, but lighter. A bunch of cool features have been added over my 3 year old canon. And it seems so much faster. Love it. Oh and I can finally use the 4gb card I got for xmas. Unfortunately my PC’s multimedia slots do not recognize SDHC cards, but I can connect it via USB 2.0 and it transfered the larger file size pics fast as heck.

Me happy, and now off to photograph dinner 😉

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