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well that was a fun morning. A month of PT for me :)

Do not think I have blogged about it much, but I have been having some back pain issues since I sprained the ankle. I really did not use crutches or a cane and just hobbled around till it healed. A couple weeks in I started getting some back pain which has happened a few times over the years. Usually it goes away in a week or so, but not this time. It went from lower back to much lower to my tailbone and then to my butt. My buttcheeks were in agonizing pain because the muscles were very tight. Sunday morning I had a really deep gaggy cough in the shower (not a morning person) and it was like I got struck by lightening that shot down my butt to my calves. I could barely stand. Suffered through it yesterday and this morning my left leg was numb like when you put your leg to sleep, but it was not waking up. I needed to go see the doc.

So at the doc this morning I explained what was going on and he did some physical tests to see what was up and said I needed to get to physical therapy immediately. He knew of two places that could prob get me in and said I needed to go ASAP. He said it is probably a pinched nerve or herniated disk. he said I should try PT before getting an MRI and possibly surgery because often it can help and the latter route is very pricey.

Headed right to crossroads PT and Carrie worked me over good. She made the same diagnosis and checked my range of motion. My muscles were really tight and she showed me a few tricks and had me do some cool stretches. She was getting quite the workout pushing and pulling and then ended up putting me on a heating pad with one of those electric shock muscle flexers and wow what a difference. I have been given homework and will go back wed and a few weeks after that till I get back to normal. My muscles were so tight that they were twitching and still are right now. Waiting for the muscle relaxers to kick in.

So last monday I ended up going home early because the pain was so bad. Started heat and ice as well as getting a percussion massager pictured above. Oh man that thing is like a magic wand. I can feel every muscle and the tight ones scream with joy when it hits them. Still the buttcheeks are so tight. Clinch your buttcheeks and hold it for 24 hours, man does it hurt. Since Monday I have gotten a better chair at work, replaced my computer chair at home with one of our patio chairs, and am not slouching and using an ottoman. That has been a big difference. Also no matter how much it might hurt I am trying to walk as normal as possible so I do not injure it worse, it has made a big difference as well. I am going to stick at the stretches and posture to avoid surgery.

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