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weekend food

oh lots of good fud to be had this weekend

I ground up some of my cayenne peppers for a blackening seasoning.
They are awesome and I have a bunch of them. Should last me till I can grow more next year.


there is nowhere the darn cat cannot get. We thought the shelf might be high enough, but sadly it is not.
Little forker even learned the hard way a few times not to jump on the stove, but still goes for it.


some bacon wrapped shrimp


and breaded some shrimp


Theresa has two neew baking books and made up some bars. Mine got the scotchie chips smooshed in the top


Had some pastrami hash for lunch Sunday. I had left some vacu sealed pastrami out to that but forgot it till the next day. Figured it would be safe to pick the pieces in the middle out and make some hash.
Not sure, but I had a heck of an insidey bits issue last night. Prob should of just pitched it, but the hash was really good.


Theresa made up her sauce and we had baked ziti last night.
This one will be reproduced in mega batches from now on. It was awewsome.




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