we headed to an auction, Fuggles to get her ultimate test, and pork from heaven

T’s GP’s have moved to a home and today is the big auction of their stuffis to help pay for their care. We heading out early to help set up. I hope to get a Fabrege egg, but a good mower or weed whacker will do. My favorite smoked pork meat shop is near there and we gonna stop in and get some smoked chops, jerky, and of course bacon.

Fuggles has been tested a few times recently and nothing bad has happened. Longest has been 2 hours when we wnet to a movie. It is always nice to be able to lock her in her kennel. but it might ba a late when we get back and well she is locked up this morning. Would suck for her to be in the kennel all day. Kind of like baby proofing.

So I am wondering the best way to bid on stuff at the auction. The ear wiggle, sneeze, cough, or the usual jump up and down waving my arms and yelling with my wang hanging out.

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