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Last year my friend TK came over and replaced our breaker box from a 20 to a 30 breaker box. We added some new lines and needed one outlet changed from 220 to 110. I assured him it would be a 30 minute job, but it turned into two hours and everything is working great.

Above is a new addition to the BorKade. A retractable extension cord with a work light. TK said he would need some light. I hit up the hardware store and was going to grab a decent work light, but this caught my eye. I ended up replacing the plug because it was some hard to use snapon end where you had to squeeze some tabs to disconnect. Boooooooo It is going to be incredibly handy down there. I was using an old desk lamp for the past couple years.



Seems I horribly connected these GFI sockets and blew one of them up. TK had some spares and fixed it all up. So long story short on that area. Was a huge window there so we built in a false counter top. New window in and I repaired the hole in the house and added two new circuits for the microwave and toaster oven. They are now each on their own circuit, but we need to get plates on them before I seal the counter top in for good. Been a long time coming.


I still have 5 free circuits and a few of the ones connected right now are not active right now. In the coming years I will be able to power the BorKade up right. And we have room for future adventures.

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