We got taco bell taco shells but they were not “Mexican style” :(


Neither one of us are fans of taco bell. Maybe a couple times a year I get a hankering for a crunch wrap supreme, but it is so severely processed and not all that good.

We usually get the Ortega taco shells, but Theresa picked these up cuz there were not any ortega ones. Also for some reason we use Taco bell taco sauce too. I expected to find quite the ingredient list on the taco shells since they were taco bell brand, but it is just white corn, oil, and tumeric for coloring.

We also tried a new taco seasoning packet. We have used the Ols Elpaso brand forever. I know it gives me heartburn so I usually only use part of the packet. Got some McCormik taco seasoning and did the same. The flavor was much better actually.


Back when I was in grade school I used to spend the night at the smelly kids house on Fridays every now and then. They had tacos every friday.

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