we getting back to the wii

After super paper mario we moved to watching the office and heroes. I took a 1/2 on friday and bowled a few games and then put zelda back in. It starts off pretty slow and did not impress me much. I think that is why it sat there for over a month without getting played. Now I am sucked in big time. It is worthy of the praise it has gotten.

We picked up two games from blockbuster, need for speed carbon and elibits. NFS carbon is exactly the same as the PC version, but the controls are insane. You can pick from 6 or so different ways to control the cars. I chose the one that relies on the motion sensing of the wiimote. Tip it left or right to steer. It is pretty awesome.

Elbits is really strange. Kind of a shooter where you get to shoot cute little animals. T is enjoying it a bunch.

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