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wanna know my dirty secret?

I have craved having a third something that normal folks would only have two of for a really long time. Sure webbed feet, attached earlobes, or a unibrow would be nice, but not strange enough. I would not go as far as being intersexed, but a third gonad or Supernumerary nipple would be ideal.

I have been wanting to get a 3rd nipple tattoo for a while. I even asked a few tat artists and surprisingly many have said no. “I don’t want to be known for doing that” is the usual answer. Lucky for me I did find a highly recommended artist that said he would do it as long as I did not tell folks where it was done.

If I were to do it there are many things to consider.
1. left or right? is it like the earring thing?
2. location. This might not be too bad actually. I would prob go below and off center of a real one.
3. deformed? Of course it would look silly if it was pretty much a copy of one of my normal nipples, but I would not want it too deformed so it just looks like I spilled gravy on my chest and let it dry.

Also I guess I would want to get 15 minutes of internets fame from it. I would milk it (tee he he) for all its worth. Web donations, video, maybe a cameo by Bronson Pinchot.

Some info on third nipples via

* 33% of Triple-Nipplers have their third nipple surgically removed during childhood. Afterwards, they frantically run around school asking people to sign their “nipple cast”
* 4% try to remove their Triple-Nipple on their own
* Of these, 75% fail because they use a butter knife or a dull rock
* 40% are pleged as nipple donors

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