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Vs Super Mario Bros high score save and freeplay attract


A guy on the KLOV website has tinkered with the code for VS Super Mario and has made it so it remembers high scores and will allow you to put it on freeplay, but still have the attract animation. Stock it would not remember high scores and would put some default ones in there. When you put in a credit, or had the game set to freeplay, it would go to the start screen and you did not get to see the attract animation. the VS system used the same boards for most games and some already saved scores, but I found out SMB did not. That is why there are batteries already on the board. I sent him $15 via paypal and he sent me a chip. Works great.

Was insane dumb luck for me to find that post. I pretty much only visit the pinball area of the KLOV forums, but I had made a post about something really cool in the main video game section and saw the one about the SMB saves. I hope to share the really cool thing with you guys soon. Maybe this weekend.


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