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Upgraded my computer last night. New board, memory, DVD burners, and CPU. My last processor was the end of the AMD 939 socket and it was decent, but 3 years old. Since chips are so cheap right now I decided to get the best one out right now. Holy cow it is fast. I gave XP a bunch of room and tried multiple times to install ubuntu lucid lynx 64 on there, but had no luck, so went with karmic 64. I was giggling while installing stuff because it was so fast and the processors hardly noticed. Played some portal last night and it was crazy.

It had been a while since I had looked at components so it took a bit of research. Seems IDE is dead so I got some SATA DVD burners. My vid card is old, but still good enough for playing steam games. The stock heatsink from AMD was beefy and had heat pipes, but it was getting really hot last night. Not used to having it be 180 F so I tinkered around and put another AMD fan on it and it got back to around 100 F. Seems the fan that came with it was bad. The motherboard was a very basic model, but it has lots of stuff in it. I set a 5% overclock and now all 4 cores are running at 3.7ghz cool and stable. Vroom

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