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voodooish chicken turned out awesome


So we trying to make some new meals. Have had some failures, but nailed it Friday night. Some folks suggested some good sites to find recipes. Epicurious seems like a favorite, but after scanning a bunch of recipes I was getting frustrated and decided to try an recreate dishes we would get if we went out. It has worked for us before and usually comes out pretty good. Theresa likes the voodoo chicken from Lazlo’s and I decided to try something like that.

Voodoo Chicken
Boneless breast blackened with Cajun spices, topped with a three-cheese sauce.

When it comes to blackening chicken I usually stick to just cayenne, salt, black pepper, and maybe some garlic salt. I checked out Alton Brown’s blackening for salmon and added some celery seed, onion powder, sage, paprika, and mistys seasoning. Spread lightly over the flattened breasts and sauted in olive oil and clarified butter.

I did not get good pics of this meal cuz I was a bit flustered.



Made up a bechamel and used whipping cream in there. Added asiago, parmesean, milk, and black pepper.

Deglazed the saute pan with some reisling wine, reduced it a bunch, and then added that to the cheese sauce.



Bread came out much better at 500 degrees, thanks DISH. Had some yukon gols potato slices with it. I sliced up some roasted red peppers to garnish the chicken.


It was one of the best meals that I have made in a really long time. It is totally on our list from now on. The flavors were very rich. The cheese sauce was amazing and having just a litle on there made it not overpowering. Can’t wait to have it again.

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