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Used my first groupon at Two Twins Cafe


Way back in March, Susan submitted a link to Groupon. I thought Susan was just some spammer commenting on blogs to sell this stuff, but after some emails it does not seem to be something like that. I heard some folks talking about it and decided to check it out. Groupon is a site you sign up for and they have a local deal where you actually purchase the coupon. It does seem strange, but the savings are usually 50% or more. You get an email, or can get an app for your phone as well. The daily email features a pretty in depth description of the local place and the deal. From the pictures of each place that are in each groupon it seems they go to the place and get a lot of information and pictures. I paid $7 for my groupon that was worth $15 at Two Twins cafe. They had sold 382 of them.

We showed up at 11 AM on Saturday and they were fairly busy. Our server got to us right away and I told her I had a hankering for biscuits and gravy, but wanted bacon as well. She put together an order and Theresa got a classic brekkie with bacon as well. They have some good bacon, but it seems to be oven baked and could of used a good blotting on the grease. The sausage gravy was spiced up a bit and was really good. I went with potatoes as my side and it was a skillet style mix of bacon, onions, and green peppers. We enjoyed that mix so much we actually made them for dinner Sunday, but used shallots instead of onions and red peppers instead of green. It was delicious. (pic below) While paying for the meal we took home a selection of stuff from the bakery. One of the twins had to inquire why I took a picture with a stuffed platypus. Theresa explained and the owner said she is familiar with my site. Said it was goofy 🙂


Groupon seems pretty cool. I am always excited to see what the deal of the day will be. Today is a $10 groupon for $20 worth of food at Beacon hills.

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