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update on my iphone quest

Goal: to get an iphone by using it as an incentive to quit chewing tobacco and drinking so much. Previous post

Status: really really good. Kinda surprised actually.

Jan 22nd while watching one of the Bourne flicks I had a man to man with myself. I was bummed that I chewed, drank a bunch, and have gained 20 pounds since I started worrying about gaining weight. I walked to the trash and spit my dip out. Did not tell the wife about it till a day later. I have had two dips since then, both within two days of quitting. And it was from an old can filled with dried out tobacky. I am pretty much over the chew. it was hard there. I had these schemes of going to the store, buying a can, taking a dip, and throwing the can away. Just one more hit. Well that has yet to happen, and prob never will. I chewed for the majority of 20 years. This will be my 4th time quiting in that span.

On the drinking front I am not allowing myself hard alcohol during the week at home. That prob does not sound like a big thing, but I was sucking down a good amount of 100 proof vodka 3-4 days during the weekdays. Now I only get beer, and it is pretty cool actually. I started drinking the good beer and only a few a night. The first week it really messed with me. I could hardly make it past 10:00 PM since I was not fueled with lots of alcohol. I started waking up on my own in the mornings and feeling really refreshed. Not to mention not having the usual hangover I had learned to deal with as the norm. I picked up a case of Groslh variety pack and an 18 of Guinness cans from Sam’s. A beer or two a night is about all I can get through or want to. Being pretty lienient on this one though. If I am out on the town or have a 1/2 day a little booze is not gonna hurt, I think I am doing pretty darn good anyways.

Have not been saving $ for the iphone yet, gotta set up a stash or account for that, but I should have one by the end of April. Called and got the info from AT&T about how we go about switching to them and getting Theresa a new Phone. She says she would not mind a data phone, she can pay for that though. I am not iphone crazy, although they are pretty cool. oooooooooo and they just released the 16gb model today 🙂 I just needed a light at the end of the tunnel to keep me on my game, and I already need sunglasses the rate I am going.

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