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update as if I dont blather about myself enough


lets see, I met my nemissis a week ago. I frequent a political forum and about 4 of us just ramble on about crap. SpktheD and I get into huge petty bickering battles and Just like I think the US should sit down and talk to our enemies, I have invited him for a drink multiple times. Well he finally agreed. It was pretty cool actually. Decent fella, we are both linux nerds, finally got to some deep conversation, but it all went well.

Took 20th place out of 29 in a secret race this weekend, it was awesome, I was not. Seems I have wore out my bottom bracket on the moots. Gonna get some Phil bearings pressed in if the orig XT ones are shot. I now have over 775 miles on her. My commuter is doing pretty good right now as well. The creaks came back and I just tightened all the pivot points down hard. It was actually what it needed and rides quiet and smooth. I will prob roll it this tues for the TNMWR. Been a while since my black beauty has been in the park.
Still commuting by bike to work every day. Not only because of the CCC, but since it is so much easier and fun.

We paid off the last part of our vacation. Now it is saving up some spending $. Headed to an adults only all inclusive resort in Cancun. Theresa has been out shopping for pool side apparel. Strange that swimwear is pretty hard to find. We hit a bunch of places for her, me one stop. Us guys have it pretty easy. Now just to work on the gut a bit 😉 We are trying to work out a schedule for friends to take care of our dogs while we are gone. Good thing we have a bunch of friends and neighbors to assist with it.

Saw Ratatullie last night. It was pretty darn good. Goes fast, is pretty funny, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Best part is that it does not make you cry. T is looking forward to Harry potter, got hot fuzz in the netflix queue, knocked up was pretty good, and popcorn is one of my favorite foods.

My contract working for the state IT dept has been extended for another 6 months, so I will be here till next may. It is a mixed blessing. My goal is to be hired over here permanently. I was hoping that after the first 6 months that would happen, it would involve a pay raise. But I will still be getting my same wage for now. All good though. I have the opportunity to continue to climb the ladder here, where at the legislature I would have to wait for folks to quit or leave in other ways. I am patient and very glad to be in this environment. State jobs rule.

Been using up some of the comp time and vacation time I have built up on friday afternoons. Nothing like getting off at noon on friday to go goof off. Theresa has just enough vacation time to make it for our vacation, I am sitting on a ton. Still she flips me off via IM and I know it irks her. Friday I went to La Mexicana and took a nap. It was awesome.

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