ultimate bike lock advice? (solved)


here is the thing. A nice commuter bike is going to be built up for me tomorrow. I need to lock it up and I am not messing around anymore, finding a perfect bike was way too hard for me to just let it go easily. My kryptonite chain was cut with relative ease. I want an uber chain and lock that no theif would even attempt to break. It does not need to be portable. i will keep the lock where I will park my bike and there it will stay. So any ideas?

I would prefer a huge chain and lock. Ridiculously huge and must be tough as heck. I will prob coat it in that rubber stuff. Think like boat anchor size 😉

EDIT: found the lock for me.

from some research and some help from SCS I am gonna go with the uber lock. The faghettaboudit new york kryptonite lock. The thing is the toughest there is.


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