uber Wagyu beef


A friend gifted me a slab of the Wagyu beef he got for Christmas. Wagyu is what would be known as Kobe, but not from Kobe. Info here and here. It was shipped from Japan though.

The marbling is insane, it looked crazy. I decided to just sear the outside and only use salt and pepper. Busted out the cast Iron and cooked over medium heat. I had it a bit too raw so returned it to the skillet for a bit.

Theresa was anxious to try some so I found a bit of lean meat and she thought it had a bit of a veal wang to it. I finished the rest off and enjoyed it a bunch. It was so tender, like perfect sushi that does not require chewing. The pan was filled with fat and I did not over cook it much. Really good and very happy I got the chance to try it. Thanks Chris.




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