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Uber stock for tater soup


We had a hankering for some potato soup again and figured we would skip the whole pork hock and just have a bacony potato soup. Well I forgot about the smokehouse in Super Saver and well they had hocks.

I figured I would kick the stock up a bit with some veg. So busted out the usual stuff and threw all the stuff in the pressure cooker with some of the chicken stock we made from our last roast chicken. Cooked for an hour and took out all the solids after a good squeezing. Used some cheese cloth to get the chunky bits out and separated the fat off. What was left was a really dark brown liquid which scared Theresa. It was like concentrated pork and veg evil. The white enamel and flash make it look a bit light, but trust me it was powerful. We decided to melt the other bag of chicken stock in there and split it up into two batches of soup worth.

The potato soup was pretty good, but I goofed while cooking it and the milk curdled, which was a bummer (keep an eye on the temp I learned once again.)

Yup That is an onion in the bag. I think I have finally overcome my fear of onions.



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