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uber rainbows fill our kitchen on sunny mornings

Decorative Window Film Holographic Prismatic is fricking awesome. Theresa has been messing with Solar powered spinny crystals for a while and wanted to kick it up a notch. Oh man did she. The window film is not cheap at all, but the effects are simply stunning. It is made by the same folk who make those paper glasses that make fireworks look cool or break up light spectrums. The pic on amazon looked a bit fake, but this film totally rocks. From 9AM till about 11AM our east facing window gets direct sunlight and the display is simply awesome. The bottom pic is about at the end of the show, but the beginning is insane. It covers half our kitchen floor and the west wall of the kitchen / bathroom with a glorious rainbow fan. Like a game of thrones chair made of rainbows leading to my fave throne. The price has gone way up since we bought. And there is simply no other window film or item that can compare. We were only able to cover one of the double hung windows with it for $35. We did use the left over film to make stars and other shapes that are on other windows and make great displays.

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