uber anti stink stick for the ladies rules from what I hear


A fellow cyclist lady friend of mine told me I have to spread the good word about this armpit spread. “I could sniff my pits all day, I cant stop”

all the info you need from Secret

New Secret® Clinical Strength is an antiperspirant clinically proven to provide prescription-strength wetness protection for the most demanding body chemistries. It contains a triple-action technology that provides three unique layers of protection:

* Clinically proven, prescription-strength wetness protection
* Odor-fighting capsules that absorb odor (and release scent) all day to keep you smelling clean and fresh
* Skin-soothing conditioners

She says it costs a bunch, but is worth every penny. I completely forgot to get in there and get a good whiff, but I will greet her that way next time I see her.

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