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two new ceiling fans installed


The ceiling fan in Theresa’s room was making some noise and she said it just stops spinning for a few minutes every now and then. You gonna burn down the house there. Went to get a new one and wanted one in the pinball / computer room as well so picked two up. One was a $17 dollar ceiling fan. When I got it home and unpacked it I noticed it took the Small light bulbs with the tiny socket. That just seemed dumb as hell so I took it back to exchange and Theresa called. Your other one has the same small bulbs. Asked the guy at menards and he said a new federal law makes all ceiling fans have the candelabra sockets so you can’t overload them with any bulb over 60 watt 🙁

I picked up another one and headed home. Got 6 candelabra CFls and installed the fans. Did not even notice the nice one I got had a remote control. Oh man that is nice.

Finally got the last room in the basement clean and have started painting with primer. Doing a little repair to one wall. Seems I have a leaky window. Vinyl floor going down some time this week and we will buy a couple shelving units next pay day. Going to use another smaller room for our 2ndary pantry for big stuff we buy in bulk like plop plop machine paper, paper towels, dog fud, cat fud, and canned goods. Clear out the pantry a bit. Then it will be man cave time. Thinking a dark purple but still bright. I need the light to be able to get to the strange stuff jammed in jars so maybe a light purple border on top cuz I will prob do high shelves for the jars.

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