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twizzlers freezy pop

Hot summer day and I had a hankering for a frozy treat. Actually Theresa wanted a snickers ice cream bar when I was headed to the store and got some other treats as well. It is a big stick of goop. It is a bit mushy on the inside and tasted great. The ingredients were really simple, but Xanthan gum caught my eye and I googled it. It is a strange substance that makes stuff thicker and is produced by fermentation with a bacteria. This kind of caught my eye though.

In the oil industry, xanthan gum is used in large quantities, usually to thicken drilling mud. These fluids serve to carry the solids cut by the drilling bit back to the surface. Xanthan gum provides great “low end” rheology. When the circulation stops, the solids still remain suspended in the drilling fluid. The widespread use of horizontal drilling and the demand for good control of drilled solids has led to the expanded use of xanthan gum. Xanthan gum has also been added to concrete poured underwater, to increase its viscosity and prevent washout.

I see they make hot tamale ones too. yummers

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