We got carryout from Toppers (warning sound) yesterday. They had sent me two mailers which totally worked on me. We went for normal hand tossed and some topperstix. The topperstix are cheesy bread made with a much richer dough. They forgot our garlic sauce, but I would say that it was the best cheesey bread from a pizza place I have ever had. The pizza was decent and I would say it is a mix between Papa John’s and Dominoes. You can “tall boy” most sizes of pizza which uses the topperstix dough. We will go that route next time for sure.

I agree with others that they really should of put in a few more tables with the space. When I was there it was packed with people waiting for their order. Two groups of kids who came from the childrens museum requested paper plates and it looked like it was going to be hard for them to eat there.

I figure they will do pretty well and get more locations in town.

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