tomato soup and grilled cheese sammiches


We watched some food network and both knew what we were having for dinner. Some rocking grilled cheese and tomato soup. Theresa was on soup duty and I was sammich man.

Picked up some Super Saver Italian bread and sliced it with the slicer.


Theresa mixed some crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, table cream, tomato juice, salt, pepper, and some fresh basil to make a good tomato soup. It seemed to miss something till we realised it needed more salt to bring out the flavor and some shredded garlic.


I used 4 cheeses in two sammiches making each different by the 1/2 so we had 4 variations. All had some apple wood smoked bacon, 1 had thinly sliced tomatoes, and the cheeses were gouda, sharp chedar, aged white cheddar, and Monteray Jack.


We made up a garlic butter to toast them.


I tried to make a honey mustard spread with some killer mustard Mr. T got me a while back. I had no honey, and used sour cream as a base. It was not enough and the sammiches were rich enough. I will make a much better effort to use up the fancy mustard here soon.


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