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Tina’s Cafe

Tina's Cafe

Tina’s Cafe
616 South St, Lincoln, NE‎ – (402) 435-9404‎

7 years I have lived near this place and rode my bike by more times than I could guess. Made my first visit today.

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That place rules. It is what a greasy spoon is supposta be. I did a 1/2 of biscuits and gravy with hash browns and a side of bacon. The B&G was pretty decent, hash browns soft with bits of crisp, the bacon was magical, and even the pepsi tasted better.

The side of bacon was 4 huge strips that filled a regular platefor $2.50. I was watching “Mom” cook on the flat top and range through the kitchen door. The bacon is pre cooked and she reheats it with a bacon press. The flavor was really meaty and brought me back to my grandparents house as a child. So delicious. I think I shed a bit of a tear.

So tiny and so much character. Not a big fan of nascar, but the whole place is decked out with collectibles. Even the ceiling fans were race car themed. Two servers and two cooks. I want to be a regular there and be called hun. Going to check out their burgers someday. I am hooked on the charm and coolness. Can’t wait to try one of those cinnamon rolls. Things were as big as my head. Theresa’s coffee got topped off 4 times. Service was amazing.

Tina's Cafe

Tina's Cafe

Tina's Cafe

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