Tijuana taco ride

Theresa sent me this cuz I was still sleeping when the story was on this morn.

Tijuana Bicyclists Ride To Make Streets Safe

The night’s tally is taken just past the halfway mark — 375 bikers tonight. The record is 429. The traffic has lightened, and it’s starting to get dark. There aren’t a lot of street lights along the route, but there are still plenty of people out on the streets. A woman cheers as the bikers pass.

The pace picks up now. Riders pass a flame-throwing juggler and a drummer panhandling at a corner.

Soon, the ride ends back at City Hall. One of the riders congratulates me on making it, and I ask him if now we go eat tacos.

Tijuana may not have bike paths yet, but it does have some of the best tacos in the world.

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