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Thunky made another trip to the emergency vet last night


On weekends we like to get at least one kind of big thing done around the house. This weekend we cleaned up an area downstairs that was full of junk. Thunky’s litter box is in that area and he was spending a lot of time in there. I gave him some fresh litter and after dinner I checked the box. It had almost 10 tiny clumps of pee. We thought it might be another blockage in his bladder, so to the E vet we went.

We warned them that he is a total jerk and the assistant brought out the big gloves and towel. While the vet was checking his bladder a lot of urine came out. They sucked up the urine so they could check it for crystals or an infection. Luckily it was just an infection. Vet said it could be from stress. I wonder what causes him stress? 😉

We were able to take him home last night. $170 bill was not too bad. He is on liquid meds. We tried to squirt it in his mouth last night. That did not go well at all. Theresa put the goop on his food and he did not seem to mind. Phew…

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