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Thunky finally earns his keep

Little bugger got his first taste of blood and was very proud of himself. He really did not want to let me take it from him. Heard that mwrawwwwwwwwwwr noise he only makes at the vet.

UPDATE: This has pretty much taken over his life now. He sits on the trash can lid just staring at the fridge and stove. His eyes get droopy and he almost nods off then sits up and stretches to continue his watching. I was watching some UFC in the living room and heard him freaking out in the kitchen. He got another and was hiding from me with it in his mouth. I quickly closed his kitty door so he could not get into the bedroom where Theresa and the pups were taking a nap. I grabbed my camera and tried for a shot, which failed but startled him enough to release the mouse which ran down the return vent. It is on now.

We have not had a mouse problem for a few years since we updated the pantry. Guessing a few got in because it is so cold out. Guess I need to check how they are getting in. I had crawled around the house with spray foam years back. When we were buying the house we needed a termite inspection, exterminator told me they will chew right through the spray foam, but really hate steel wool.

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