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Thunkers finally got a good checkup


Thunky’s asthma acted up over the 4th weekend. Little booger was coughing a bunch and not eating much. Hit up the All Feline Hospital yesterday for a rabies shot and to get him checked out. He is labeled CAUTION and they did not want to knock him out to work on him so we tried to keep him happy on the ride there. He got to explore the car and look out the window, but was shaking and spent a lot of time in Theresa’s lap.

The vet was really calm and the assistant put on huge leather gloves and they were able to weigh him and give him a full check. She used a catnip oil spray on one of those tongue depressors to calm him a bit. Worked pretty well. He hardly even flinched when he got the shot.

Bummer is that long term oral steroids can lead to issues so we will switch to an inhaler. It is not all that easy to give a cat a dose from an inhaler. There is a thing made for this though called the AeroKat and it costs $70 >.<

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